Alte Elemente, neu kombiniert: „Plain Jane“

Kirk Knight, Music producer:

„Everything is a sample. Everything. […] You can’t really have any boundaries when it’s time to make music. […] You’ve really just gotta think the impossible.“

Kirk Knight hat für den Song Plain Jane von Rapper A$AP Ferg alte Elemente neu kombiniert. Hier ein paar Beispiele:

„Ferg had a voice memo and he was like, ‚Ride with the mob
Alhamdulallah‘. He plays the voice memo for me, I’m like, ‚Na, gimme that! Gimme that! We need that. That’s fire!‘ Instantly I started making that beat.“

„I added a television sound effect, like, ‚Tssshhhh!‘ Just real quick […] to give it a little spice.“

„I was taking the Q train home. […] The train was coming but it sounded so fucking clear that I was like, ‚Yo, maybe I can fucking record that shit!‘ And I recorded it on my iPhone.“

„This is literally a fuckin‘ spoon hittin‘ a glass bowl.“

„This [sound] I got from like a random cartoon FX kit. I don’t even know what the fuck that is. It’s like a zombie or some shit.“

Hier geht’s zum fertigen Song.



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