Fake News

Jim Newton, a former LA Times Editor at Large:

„Fake news: false, deliberate intent to deceive, done for a purpose either monetary or political. That’s sort of my working premise.“

„I would argue the biggest most lasting social effect of fake news is to make us doubt everything.“

Jim Newton gibt vier Tipps, mit deren Hilfe man als Einzelperson im alltäglichen Umgang mit Nachrichten einer Täuschung durch fake News vorbeugen kann (Hervorhebungen durch mich):

Look for suspicious URLs. URLs that don’t lead you back to a news source but that lead you to some ambiguous site that you’ve never heard of that is suddenly professing to have important political information.“

Look for sources in pieces that you are reading. Are the sources named? Are they recognizable?“

Documents. One of the beautiful things about web and our new evolving technologies is the ability to link to things. If someone is purporting to you to give you new information that’s based on something, often they can link you to the actual document […] and you might evaluate them differently.“

Common sense. There are certain things that you just might want to ask yourself whether it’s plausible.“



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