Kompromisslos, aber hilfsbereit

Blair Enns, CEO von Win Without Pitching:

„There is an agency principal in Australia. He’s told me some stories of when he had to fire people. He brings somebody in who isn’t working out, and he says, ‚You’re not working out, I’m letting you go, but I think you’ve got great skills in these other areas, so I’ve lined up two interviews for you today.‘ So, he’s ruthless when it comes to correcting hiring decisions, but he’s very kind in how he goes about it, and he recognizes that everybody’s got strengths, and he’s got good relationships with his competitors. He’s very clear about why he’s letting that person go, and why he thinks his competitors should think about bringing that person on, and usually in a different role.“



  1. Enns, Blair: „Collaborating with Competitors“. 2Bobs Podcast URL: https://2bobs.com/podcast/collaborating-with-competitors [Stand: 21.6.2018]