Social Media Score

Casey Neistat, YouTuber:

„This is Jarel. We’re just talking about [how] being a model in New York City now isn’t just about being the best looking, or having the best energy […] but you have to have a certain amount of social media followers to get booked.“

Jarel, Model:

„That’s definitely a true fact. […] Macy’s you need, I think, 30.000 [followers].“

Itay Hod, TheWrap:

„To make it in Hollywood, it used to be that actors needed five basic essentials: talent, looks, timing, a winning headshot and a good agent.“

„But these days, those looking to score big need to add another item to that list, one that could mean the difference between a lucrative acting gig and the unemployment line: a sizable social media following.“

Die Black Mirror Episode Nosedive zeigt, welche Folgen es nach sich ziehen kann, wenn einzig und allein der Social Media Score eines Menschen darüber entscheidet, welche Möglichkeiten ihm offen stehen.



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