Warum das iPhone X kein “Chin” hat

Marques Brownlee, YouTuber:

“Apple is actually with the OLED-Display folding the bottom of the OLED back underneath itself into the phone again and connecting it [the display with the motherboard of the phone] underneath. So the display part itself continues down all the way into the bottom of the phone but there’s actually more display folding back into your iPhone X that you never see. That’s how they’ve minimized their chin.”

Wirklich faszinierend, welche Lösungen Ingenieure für die Probleme, mit denen sie konfrontiert werden, finden.



Brownlee, Marques: “Let’s Talk About Smartphone Chins!”. URL: https://youtu.be/ThkMi9fkdEc?t=3m7s [Stand 19.6.2018]